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  1. Eugor

    Grand-Opening Raffle winner

    Alright !
  2. Eugor

    One of my favorites.

    You and me both. I have enjoyed quite a few of his videos,
  3. Eugor

    Hi, Graeme here,

    Welcome Graeme, I think the 92 series is an awesome handgun. I have had them handed to me on the fly, and found them to be accurate, intuitive, and ease breakdown for field clean.
  4. Eugor

    What is your preferred carry ?

    It is an awesome sleek revolver though. I hated to have to let it go. It just tore me up. Not as young as I used to be. I favor 20 gage over 12 now too. I guess that make me a wuss, so to speak. I will live with that.
  5. Eugor

    What is your preferred carry ?

    I had an SP101 for a brief period. I liked how sleek and compact it was. And if i were younger and still 10' tall and bullet proof, I would have kept it. But my older hands and joints did not enjoy shooting it. Even with 38spl loads. It is a tank of a gun that I think would last forever just...
  6. Eugor

    What knife do you carry or have handy always ?

    Not practical, but, way too cool !
  7. Eugor

    What's everyone up to tonight?

    Trying to plot a new course for survival in the new world
  8. Eugor

    What is your preferred carry ?

    That is an interesting pistol. I have not seen one of them before.
  9. Eugor

    remington woodsmaster 742 issues

    A quick snoop at leeroys ramblings shows maybe a guide rail issue scroll down to where it talks about 742 receiver rails chewed up. maybe. if not good info anyway. He had a lot of info on my stevens 325 bolt action...
  10. Eugor

    Texas Drive Thru

    I like living in this state because if you are authorize to carry and purchase a handgun. You can do it on your lunch hour. To be fair, I am a licensed carry holder, but I can go on my lunch hour, fill out paperwork, buy a gun and be back at work in 1 hour. Even had time to grab a burger
  11. Eugor

    What knife do you carry or have handy always ?

    Multi-tools count Gerber MP400 is my always at hand Been with me for about 15 years. Even sent it back when I had an issue with one of the tools. They fixed it promptly and returned. I think the nylon sheath sucks, so I crafted a leather one Your turn
  12. Eugor

    Armorers Corner

    Steves pages are still available for your gun manuals. You just have to set up an account that costs a nominal couple bucks to access manuals and keep out the riffraff from overseas. Chris has taken the yoke as Steve passed away a while back. He will guide you through so...
  13. Eugor

    You have Won the Handgun of your choice !

    So, If you won the prize and could choose any handgun manufactured at any time in the past, or present. What one would it be ? Rules of the prize are that it can't be sold, so, it is just one that you would want to have, hold, and keep. What one would you choose, and why ?
  14. Eugor

    What is your newest acquisition ?

    Did he contact Keltec to sentd it back ? They are a US company with an awesome warranty. They probably would have replaced and sent back at no charge
  15. Eugor

    What is your newest acquisition ?

    My take is that if I use a bic pen and shove it deep into the computer, it will let the smoke out and the computer will shut down. Lights out. I would not want to get shot with a bb gun to be honest. Just sayin
  16. Eugor

    Appreciation to all Military and LEO

    My observations over the years has shown me that Military and Law enforcement taken as a whole, are morally centered, respectful, stand up folks that do not blindly follow poor leadership. There will always be a fringe element in any cross section, that will abuse power, and pursue their own...
  17. Eugor

    3 x 5 at 3,7,9 yards

    Well, I said I shoot in those quadrants. Did not say I didn't say I could always stay there. Aim small, Miss small is my objective
  18. Eugor

    Appreciation to all Military and LEO

    My sincere thanks and gratitude to all of our law enforcement and military. Past & Present. Your service has, and currently provides the liberty we all enjoy. My deepest thanks. TB
  19. Eugor

    What is your newest acquisition ?

    My current complement now consists of a P89DC, 1914 Pocket pistol, P32, S&W model 36, and pre model 10, CZ99, Jerico941 I roll them out and bring new in as my whimsey dictates, and funds allow.
  20. Eugor

    Desantis IWB - prob 10 yrs

    Question, Have you had anyone notice and question you when you have carried this ?
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