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    How to get started reloading.

    That was a nice reply.
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    Gun laws and legal protection. Feel covered if arrested after defending yourself or your family. It happens and you need know what to do post bang and not need to mortgage your house to pay legal fees. Being the victim or being innocent isn't going to elliminate the possibility of arrest and...
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    Cheers, James here

    And I welcome you , Jim!
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    How to get started reloading.

    Greetngs? Greetings! Good to see you in this neck of the woods!
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    How to get started reloading.

    Start from low pressure loads and work your way up, watching for over pressure signs. If using newer powder on old guns, be extra careful to start low and watch for over pressure signs. Really old guns, especially black powder, can't use smokeless powder load data from modern manuals. Follow...
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    remington woodsmaster 742 issues

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the link to leeroys ramblings. i used his ramblings successfully when repairing my 50 yr old outboard motor. He's quite a guy! Thanks!
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    remington woodsmaster 742 issues

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
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    New member.

    Thanks for making it possible!
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    New member.

    thank you.
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    remington woodsmaster 742 issues

    Hi, - bought this gun used. The problem is metal particles collect in the receiver after shooting it several times. I've stripped it completely down, lubed it with high grade non running grease, reassembled, shot it, only to have the metal particles reappear. Also the bolt is harder to pull...
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    New member.

    Great site! Glad to be here.
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    I'm a Glock fan.. anyone else?

    I don't have one and have not shot one. But they are simple to tear down, stay cleaner without an exposed hammer. I like that. Living in bear country revolvers have been my first choice. Very heavy loads are available off the shelf in 357. I consider 357 a backup to 12ga slugs for that purpose.
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    What is your newest acquisition ?

    That is wise. I think my instructor got this from his instructor, FrontSight, "Perfect practice makes perfect." That applies to many areas of life.
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    What knife do you carry or have handy always ?

    Letterman Blast. Great combination of tools! Many multi tools don't have the wood saw, metal saw, or sizzors. Carry it and use it multi-times a day. Bought half dozen on eBay that were stolen at airports. At the time only about $45 each. Very hard stainless steel. Use diamond sharpening stones...
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    An unusual revolver.

    There were plenty of firearms but the ammo amounted to many boxes of 40 calibre. Guess I could have gotten that and a gun to match.
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    3 x 5 at 3,7,9 yards

    But you are practicing. Good job.
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    What is your newest acquisition ?

    He didn't say, but he was carrying a different gun. I didnt think about it at the time but years later I sent a scope to Bushnell for repair and they sent back a new one. There are awesome warranties out there.
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    Appreciation to all Military and LEO

    Thank you for your reply. I agree wholeheartedly. Remembering Katrina, Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc, we seriously need to pray for the "fringe" . I pray for them daily and do believe in miracles.
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    What is your newest acquisition ?

    That is definitely a valid concern. I figure it is most likely to be needed very close up. muzzle rise is a problem for me when excited. Maybe it would not be if I practiced more. One firearms instructor said after 5000 rounds, he wore out the barrel of his Kel-tec 9mm. Ammo is more expensive...
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