Went Shooting.


Hello forums,

I been doing some reloading nothing special just some basic 158 grain round nose lead loaded in 357 magnum cases and kept them under 1000 fps to keep from bore fouling.

Took the Ruger GP 100s out to the farm and ran the rounds through them at the metal plates at 25 yards and had a good time.

Besides the metal plates there is all sorts of other junk in a ditch that has wound up there so it gets shot full of holes also.

Doesn't sound like a of of fun however we always seem to have a great time shooting and a hell of a lot more fun than shooting at the local indoor gun range.

We usually sit around in the garage drinking beer and smoking a little herb while we clean the revolvers which makes for a damn good evening. ;)

Hope everyone else has been getting some shooting in also.

See Ya.
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